Sean Taylor

Dec 26, 2009
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So i'm West Brom and i've recently signed a regen who plays right back, 16 years of age, who is on a youth contract. I want Steven Reid to tutor him since he's got the best mental stats out of all my right backs and a determination level of 20 which is the same as my regen. Now the problem is that when I go to talk to Steven Reid about tutoring, my regen doesn't even appear in the list... Yet when i go to Gabriel Tamas who is mainly a centre back but can almost play right back and i ask him to tutor the regen, he actually appears in the list. So im really confused!

Maybe it has something to do with the personalities? Steven Reid is "Professional" and the Regen is "Driven", and Gabriel Tamas is "Balanced" So i'm really confused.

Here's some screenshots to show what i'm talking about.

Steven Reid:

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Gabriel Tamas:

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Juan Francisco (Regen):

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Any clues what so ever?
Make sure that reid has a higher squad status than Francisco
Do they speak the same language? if not, you are gonna have a problem. :p
It's usually one of two things, Steven Reid's squad status can't be set as "back-up" the lowest it can be set is rotation. The regen can NOT have a better squad status than Reid. The regen can't be a better player than Reid. If all that fails then wait a few days/weeks and check again.
Yeah i solved the problem, it was to do with the fact that Reid had Backup as his squad status, at the time i was in contract negotiations with him and luckily i set him to rotation so after he accepted the offer i was able to tutor him so it's all good :)

Thanks guys.