Can't win a game at the start of the season


May 30, 2011
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Hey guys,

I've tried starting seasons with Napoli, Forest and Real Sociedad but i just cant seem to win a game at the start of the season and that makes my team's moral low so i cant really win at all. I do have good pre seasons though but it just dosnt seem to work.

Can anyone help me?

Schedule "minnow" teams in the preseason that you will beat easily. Make sure you have enough to fully train your tactics. Don't make too many signings so your team can gel together. Talk to your players about their performances to keep morale high as the season goes on. Have team meetings once a month to build/sustain morale. I tend to be more rigid with my tactics at the start of a season and then move to balance as the season progresses and they become more comfortable with their positions.
Having a good assistant manager for the advice in the beginning as he will know the team better than you do for positions etc
Team talks to improve morale and introduce yourself to your team.
Friendly's for tactics
Create more than one tactic, teams will counter you if you only use one tactic. I tend to have an attacking tactic for weaker teams, a counter attack setup for obviously stronger teams and a standard for teams of the same caliber.

(If you really can't win, pick up a tactic to download and play with that. After the first season, tinker a little and create your own tactics afterwards)

Buying and selling your entire team isn't good, you'd hardly call it a 'team' QPR in RL are an example of this effect, good individuals, but not a team.

A good team talk for the beginning is Calm > Have fun today. Seems to work well for the first two matches.