May 25, 2009
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I've been managing Cardiff City in a save recently. Created my own 4-5-1 tactic based on some of the ideas in Raikan's Might & Magic from 2012 combined with my own attacking preferences & a couple of tweaks to player instructions. We won the Npower Championship in 2012/13, 15 points clear, easy. 2013/14 we achieved a respectable 8th in our first Premier League season, followed by a 9th place finish in 2014/15 (with the same points total, actually). So, I'm thinking my tactic is decent, consistent, etc, but still looking for a change.

I'd like to switch to a 4-4-2 mainly because I've just bought a Brazilian regen striker, great stats for a complete forward but lacks a bit of pace to play poacher in the Prem (Acc: 11, Pace: 10). So I'm looking to pair him up as a CF with a poacher (another regen I bought in season 2 who's developing well).

Looking at the 4-4-2 tactics out there (Arrigo Sacchi, Modern Warfare, Jafar's & Langvatn's), they all seem very similar in that they have very high lines, play offside, very narrow and quick tempo. Can anyone suggest a good flat 4-4-2 that works differently? I'm looking for more of a slow build up, keep the ball, defensive line deep enough to not get caught-on-the-break type tactic.

I have tried a few ideas myself but nothing is working consistently enough to say I've cracked it. I'm willing to put up the tactic I have currently for people to suggest tweaks if that's easy/appealing??
FYI the current starting lineup I have is:

GK: David Marshall
RB: Ben Elleker (regen, FB, support)
CB: Matthew Connolly (CD, defend)
CB: Ben Turner (CD, defend)
LB: Matthew Briggs (FB, support)
RM: Mark McDougald (regen, winger, attack)
CM: Aaron Gunnarsson (BWM, support)
CM: Jordan Mutch (DLP, defend)
LM: Craig Noone (winger, attack)
ST: Jeferson (regen, complete forward, support)
ST: Kieron Lynn (regen, poacher, attack)