Cardiff City - Realistic expectations

What is a realistic expectation for Cardiff City in the EPL 2011-2012 season?

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Nov 7, 2009
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I have gained promotion to the Premiership with Cardiff City in the first season and as the 2011-2012 season approaches the board have set their start of season expectations. The question I ask is realistically what could I achieve from a Cardiff City team that has just gained promotion to the Premiership? I think at a push that I could perhaps achieve a mid table finishs. I was wondering if anyone has managed Cardiff City and where did you finish in your first season in the Premiership? Your help will be appreaciated. I have not purchased any players for the forthcoming season, thus far and my team was mainly made of loan signings and a few free transfers when I was in the Championship.
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try to avoid relegation, Cardiff do seem to have a decent squad but in my opinion with ledley, gunter, ramsey and co all leaving over the last few years theyve pretty much sold a fantastic future for peanuts.
Still I think darcy blake and adam matthews are 2 players you could build with for the future. try and get nathan craig from everton, and a few of the manchester united players who got released at the end of season one, olivier norwood normally turns out pretty decent. Corry evans and darron gibson often come up at knock down prices.
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I'd put avoid relegation to be on the safe side, Cardiff are generally a good side and have outstanding championship players but they aren't so good in the Premier League. Make sure you invest in the defence because Gypes and Hudson aren't good enough.
I'd go for mid table, my first save on any new fm is always with city and i finished 11th with them on fm11 in the first season in the prem, jus make sure you spend money wisely and you can finish mid table easy :D
I put Avoid Relegation and im 6th after 14 games so its going to plan so far!
to be safe,put it as avoid fact,if you're in decent position in the league,come january,Datuk Chan will ask you to change minimum expectation with probably higher transfer/wage fund.
Hello. Thank you to everyone that has responded. I shall go with the majority.

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Make sure you invest in the defence because Gypes and Hudson aren't good enough.

I sold Gyepes in the first season for £1 million and Hudson is going for £500k. I can not warrant paying him 10k a week as he is rather average.
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i think you put avoid relegation(but you choose mid table its okay)
i think you put avoid relegation(but you choose mid table its okay)

I did in the end. I have no idea why I put mid table finish. I have been at work since 6 am and for some reason I put mid table.
you might be lucky and get Ramsey back its not unusual for him to be put in the reserves and loaned out when he comes back from injury. I tried to get him for wrexham but they wanted more than my £100k transfer fund as a deposit and i couldnt afford more than 20% of his wages :(. They wanted 100% wages paid and 250k to loan him for the january window till the end of the season.
Just started my second season as Cardiff, same scenario, I chose avoid relegation. Had quite a busy transfer window, hadn't planned to but I'm a sucker for cheap transfers. Brought in Romelu Lukaku for 6-mil and Andy Carroll cheap due to him being unhappy at newcastle. Got Emilson Cribari, Nordtveit and Mahamadou Diarra on freebies. Diarra is on a huge wage though, but my thinking is that he would act as a high profile coup for the club. 3 Matches later I'm 19th in the table.

Cardiff 1-1 Sunderland
Cardiff 0-0 Liverpool
Man City 3-0 Cardiff

Arsenal away next match... gonna be rough time in the top division I feel, need to try and keep morale high.
How did the game go? :)

I have only played three games and I currently sit 17th.

The games I have played are as follows -

Blackburn 3 - Cardiff City 2
Everton 1 - Cardiff City 1
Cardiff City 0 - Newcastle United 1

Anthony Gerrard Ftw

I decided to sell him to Reading. I did not think he was good enough. I sold him for £1.5 million.