Cardiff line up Man Utd's Smith

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Aug 23, 2006
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Man Utd accept a loan offer from Cardiff for striker Alan Smith, BBC Sport Wales understands.

Please say he will see sense and turn them down. He ****** me off leaving leeds for Man Utd, please now dont go n join the Cardiff scum
I'd rather he goes. Even if we don't have many options in attack at the moment as he has been terrible since coming back from injury.
neva y is he goin 2 championship if he comin 2 da champion he shud join blues ;)
he should go until the end of the season, sean said exactly what is happening. so i might do him some good, who knows?
erm...fair enough he needs to get games, but w/ rossi at newc, and ole out, that will mean we have exactly two
Ronaldo will probably fill in as a striker? I know he enjoys playing there.
that means playing Darren Fletcher on the right :( where he's usually cack

*cue gregor sayin he's not*

maybe Scholes might play as a second striker, or maybe rossi or smith will get recalled if Saha/Rooney get injured
Fletchers aavb on the RW

pwnz CM obv
yeah he did, but that's cos he could do a better defensive job than ronaldo. ronaldo is simply better on the RW.

apparently dennis wise wants to take smith back to leeds aswell now. wonder what the fans would make of that!!

also, in the article, it says somethin bout a short term deal, so maybe it would just be for a month, or until the new year
Giggs and Scholes have both had spells up front this season and have looked alright. I'm sure if needed those 2 can fill in :)