Dec 15, 2010
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Hello, everyone,

As you guessed, im Liverpool, i just need help with Cardozo, hes not doing it for me right now, I've got torres injured for 4 months, im in November btw. got Gearrd out for 6 weeks.

I've got Oscar Cardozo, but he doesnt seem to be firing for me, my AMC, alan patrick (great signing) is getting most of my goals, after torres was out. and also my MR Legear is scoring aswell.

I think i mainly need help on how to get Cardozo firing?

P.S im playing online with mates, and im not host, so i cannot use Edit tools.

Thanks to anyone that helps.
What formation and role are you playing him?
Im playing a Deep 4-2-3-1, right now im using him a Complete forward.

So far hes only got 6 goals in 15 games, but his stats, say he should really be getting more.
according to raikan007 you should try

1) run with ball (sometimes)
2) Long shots (often)
3) hold up ball (often)
4) run from deep (sometimes)
I'll give both a go in different matches, we'll see how they go.

Hopefully they go well, could help me win the league!, im 2nd, behind my mates who chelsea, and above my other mates who are Arsenal and Man utd.

Cheers lads. Enjoy your Christmas