Carling Cup Quarter Final


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Sep 15, 2005
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Wigan Athletic v Bolton Wanderers
Doncaster Rovers v Arsenal
Birmingham City v Manchester Utd
Middlesbrough v Blackburn Rovers

Not a bad draw for Man Utd seeing as Birmingham only got this far on penalties :cool:

I also wonder if Doncaster can produce another shock result. Will obviously be a lot harder than against Aston Villa though.
Happy enough with the draw, might go to this game :D
Should be a win for us seeing us into the Semi's. Good tie in the Wigan Bolton one defo one to watch. Arsenal Donny will be good cant see donny winning though.
Redders said:
Happy enough with the draw, might go to this game :D

Yeh I'm sure you will :rolleyes:
Sean said:
Yeh I'm sure you will :rolleyes:

Reasons why you should not have posted:

1. Clear Spam

2. Why will i not go.

3. How is Old Trafford nowadays?:p
1) No it's not.

2) Because you will come up with a stupid excuse like the rest of the Boro 'fans'.

3) How would I know, I've never been.
I am a boro fan, and i will be going no doubt. :)