Feb 8, 2013
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Just need advice wethe to spend on Carlos fierro or not??
i bought on fm12 and he dint Rele come to anything, but I ave seen his name on a few lists for fm 13 and wondered if any one had any success with him??
other suggestions needed aswell please??
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he got world player of the year in my napoli save and surpassed the goal record in the league set by Napoli! Definately worth breaking the bank for!
I think that's settled it, I'll go all out to buy him.
thanks for ur help!
I bought him on a couple of saves on fm12 and he didn't do much for me either but I think its because I didn't play him enough. Got him on fm13 and sent him out on loan to start with and now using him in first team and he is developing nicely. So make sure you give him plenty of game time and like someone else said get him tutored by someone with high determination and he can become world class :D
Agreed, his best suited role is as a poacher. I got him on a Bosman free in 2014 and he has developed ok and has so far scored 167 goals in 173 games. Basically like fm 2012, the guy scores for fun. I have Ademilson as well and therefore rotate between the two of them so both get game time. :)

Here is Fierro in 2020:

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Did any of you guys buy him in your opening season? If so how much did he cost you?