Jul 13, 2012
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One of the Founders of Italian Football, and a dominant force in the early stages

When the club was founded in 1909 Casale was at the geographical centre of the new footballing movement in Italy. Genoa, Pro Vercelli, Internazionale Torino and Alessandria were all leading clubs in the Italian football league system and Casale soon joined their number.

In May 1913 Casale became the first Italian club to defeat an English professional team when they beat Reading F.C. 2–1. Reading won all the other games on this tour, defeating Genoa, Milan, Pro Vercelli and even the Italian national team.

In the following season Casale won their first and only national title. Italian football was then organized on a regional basis and the national championship was divided into three stages. Casale topped the Ligurian-Piedmontese division and proceeded, along with second-placed Genoa, to compete in a division comprising the top northern teams. (The others being Inter Milan, Juventus, Vicenza and Verona.) Having won that division, Casale defeated central-southern champions Lazio 7–1, 0–2 in the two-leg final.

After World War I Casale remained in the top division for a couple of decades, representing what had been the cradle of early Italian football.
With the development of professionalism, Casale was progressively relegated to lower divisions, 1934 being their last year in Serie A.

I saw these guys in the Serie C2 and decided to try a little revival challenge. The lowest I've ever gone is Torino in the Serie B so I think this will be a very interesting test for me.

The aim is to get them into the Serie A within the first six seasons. From there anything could happen :)

I came into the squad after the shock departure of their manager who had led them to consecutive promotions for the last three years in a row. Coming into the squad I realized we had an abundance of attacking players but our defense was torrid, as was our lone striker.

I swiftly rectified this by bringing in Andrea Fillecia, a striker who I fell could take me up to the Serie B and still remain a strong option, I signed two former Torino players in Aimo Stefano Diana and Claudio Rivalta and then made potentially the best signing of the season in 21 year old Richard Arends in bringing him from FC Oss

(Note all screenshots will be on my Steam I.D, laptop issues.)

Serie C Cup

We came away with four points from our group, drawing against Melfi 1-1 and defeating Viareggio 2-1 although we should have one by at least four goals.

Knock-out Stage 1

We were drawn against Carrarese, a side in the Italian Serie C/1, a mid-table club who would provide us a decent challenge to see where we stood, strength-wise

We beat them 2-1 in a very even game, we had a bit more possession and a few more shots I think it also showed in that we left Fileccia out as well as two other first-teamers.

Serie C/2 B

Starting from -5 points we have won three, drawn two and lost one currently in tenth position yet in reality we should be sitting in fourth. Predicted finish was tenth this year so we are defying expectations either way.

Milazzo 1-1 Casale

Bassano 1-1 Casale

Mantova 2-0 Casale

Santarcangelo 0-2 Casale

Fano 0-2 Casale

Valle D'Aoste 1-2 Casale

So far things are looking better than I expected, the first few games could simply have been adjusting to tactics and the lack of squad harmony due to the signings, now though things have picked up and I hope they continue to do so.​