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Sep 16, 2005
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Well Ive just recived my first paypal payment from Cashback for 15 quid. Ive been a member for 2 weeks and earned the money from clicking banners alone (you can also make cash through unsurprising,Cash Back!)

Anyway here is the URL :

If you use this URL you will be given 2.50 free to start you off.

Forms of payment are : via cheque, Paypal or Gift Certificates
this isnt fo' real.....if its fo' real then iam gonna stop looking for jobs.
obviously something wrong. as the sayin goes, if it looks like a chicken sounds like a chicken then its a chicken. this looks like a scam, i cant believe im away to quote the streets here but 'a grand don't come for free'
It is for real you fools :D

1)Ive got my money
2)Unlike other sites that were scams this site has a forum, which would be bombared with complaints if it wasnt "fo' real"
3)Check out the Ciao reviews, it has a 5 star rating which is very rare on Ciao (
I've signed up. It can't be a scam since they didn't ask me for any credit card number or that, so how can they scam me?
did they ask your address, or is your address on the paypal site cos then you will get hundreds of spam letters through ur door.
So? If I'm still making money out of it I couldn't care how many spam letters I get through my door :)

Gregor, how did you make money clicking adverts :(
clackerbag said:
did they ask your address, or is your address on the paypal site cos then you will get hundreds of spam letters through ur door.

So young yet so cynical!

They dont even spam your inbox never mind your letter box.

Anyway as long as they paid I didnt care, which they did, I havent got anything so far.
See once you click adverts, does the money automatically go into your account? Or is there a wait?
you have to wait up to a month for the advertiser to confirm your click, but that doesnt meant you have to wait a month before you can click again just means a month till you get the cash
What do you do on it to make money? Do you go to the Recurring thing or Fast Cash (or summit like that) or sumthing else?
I dunnow what each is, but I signed up for the things that all you had to do was sign up, plus I done the ads every day
lol ^

I signed up...still not sure about it...when the cheques flood in i may be swayed in my opinion :)
Theres a new offer, Yahoo search and you get 2p, it would appear to be unlimited but its not been confirmed yet
If the above is true. im sure there could be a program made to click it multiple times without actually clicking it yourself. Something must be wrong there.