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Apr 29, 2009
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Hello all has been along time since I have been on this site due to uni work among other things my love for this site has not dwindled so fear not!!! And for new people who have never heard of me confused by that statement I was on this site a while ago :)

Anyway I digress I was wondering if anyone wished to partake in the best form of FM i.e. a network game with real people.

As the name suggests no real strict guidelines will be placed and due to other commitments I will not be on every night as I, like many of you, have a life to indulge in.

League wie was thinking EPL is bit old and maybe to break away from the norm start in a foreign league such as the Russiain, Dutch, MLS, Australian or any other diverse league you may think of.

Ok so basically if you are interested in taking part leave a message on here and will sort out the finer points regarding times and such, looking for max maybe five six players to make the game quick as possible.

And of course you need hamachi and all that jazz. So leave a messgae if you want to play :)
Hi mate. i started a game now recently.. and ive got 7 players.. but only 3 are reliable..i play as often i can.. mostly afternoon or in the evening.. but now it seems more and more players on my save is not so reliable.. so maybe i want to join u? me and 3 mates. I started a save with premier league..we are in september now.. but only 3-4 players are mostly on and playing the rest 3 are not so often online.. so..i would like to maybe join? or what do u think
id love a network game getting a bit board playing this game on my own boo hoo ;-)