Jun 12, 2013
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Cavani or Jovetic

I recently started a game with Arsenal won The Premier League in the first season 8-|

Now I've got a big transfer budget I've already signed Pastore for 29mil now I have 34 million left, who should I sign Cavani or Jovetic.

I've already offered both of them contracts and both have agreed but the problem is I've only got 34mil I can only sign one of them, which one should I choose?
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What is the role that they will play?

if poacher/adv forward =cavani(Attack)
deep lying forward/ complete forward = jovetic(support)

probably jovetic, bec you have probably great poacher. But cavani is beast as a pure striker
Cavani is by far the better player IMO (regardless of role), but is also the much more expensive option.
Thanks for the help guys I've signed Cavani :)

Hoping he'll score tons of Goals
Play his as CF he scored 71 goals in 57 games in all competitions for me one year
^^ Wow Thats insane :O

Things not going so well for me so far in his first 7 games that Cavani played he is yet to score a goal has only 1 assist to his name.. :(

I think I should try him as a CF now :p