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Mar 15, 2013
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I have a central defender who is 178cm has 18 heading but only 6 jumping, he seems to get dominated in the air. How should I play him?
yes, although I retrained him as sweeper at one point but didnt work
Try him as a LD (Limited Defender Role) set to defence. Do not set him as a stopper!
It would depend on the level you are playing at. If competing in the CL, the prem or even in the CCC, I would probably not use him at all.
I've seen a defender who had 5 star potential, but I wasn't interested at all because he was 5'10" and was actually less than average physically. I wouldn't use a player like that. Also, I like your name.
Either convert him to midfield (if he has good positioning stats) or full back (if he can play the ball a bit), or he can't do either of those, get rid.

You might be able to use him as some sort of sweeper in a 3-at-the-back system, but unless he's world-class in everything else he does it's not worth the effort.

His 18 heading is useless - it measures how good he can twist his neck and get power on the ball once he's got his head to it, but if he's 5'10" and can't get off the ground, that's not going to happen.
Retrain him as a defensive midfielder or central midfielder maybe. As a ball winning midfielder, anchor man or defensive mid he would be great
What Bowie said. He's a wonderful midfielder but a useless defender. Any defender that can't jump well is absolutely useless.
Height doesn't actually matter. In fm terms, a player's height is incorporated into his jumping stat (so taller players will usually be better at jumping than shorter ones).

With regards to this player, I would keep him and play him in the majority of matches. You will just have to use him wisely.
* When playing a tall and strong team such as Stoke or West Ham, don't play him at all.
* When playing a team with one target man, use him alongside a powerful CB and make sure the other one marks the opponent.
* Use him as a covering defender in a similar way to Barca using Mascherano.
* Don't let him mark aerialy strong oppenents at set pieces, and try to incorporate a big full back in your team if possible.
Set him as a covering CB and make sure the other CB is a decent stopper. That's pretty much all you can do. I can't see it being a massive problem, change him at set pieces so a better umper is markign tall players and he's ust markinga small guy. I had a similar problem with Phil Jones at united and he turned out fine :)
Use him alongside a tall defender and have him set to cover if you have to use him.
Otherwise retrain him as a CM and he'd make a cracking ball winner/box to box