Feb 9, 2013
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going to replace massively in debt portsmouth with celtic who have been interested in moving to the english league before and therefore i want to see how far i can get them

to replace celtic in the spl I created a team called AFC celtic run by supporters angry about the move and wearing the same colour as celtic
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if you are going to do that you need to put them in the blue square bet prem to make it fair cos thats where thay would be if thay came down irl
actually they could buy out portsmouths place of them like rangers wanted to buy out burys place at the start of the season but bury rejected.
also if i started in the blue square prem it would be very easy with gary hooper up front and wanyama in mid.
well it will be a cake walk any way till you get to the prem
i know, but it would be unfair to remove any premier league teams so ill just have to be bored for 2 seasons and hope for a good cup run to keep me interested
create a league awith rangers and celtic in the E.P.L AND move the 2 northern teams up to scotland geordies and sunderland