Nov 3, 2012
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The previous game was closed, because the players inactivty, so I decided to start a much smaller league with improved rules and even conditions at the start. The Fantasy League will be a classical chairman game with many new twist and uniqe league rules. First of all, I like to intorduce to you the league rules:

- The starting league will be based in England
- The whole league system will be revamped
- The top league will be called Fantasy League
- There will be 2-5 leagues bellow the Fantasy League, not decided yet
- No team can relegate from the Fantasy League
- 8-10 teams or more (It will depend on the number of players. Currently I'm aware of 5 intrested parties.)
- Number of rounds: 4 at 8-10 teams
- Maximum squad size: 25 players (You can have more players, but you can't register more, than 25 for the competion.)
- Minimum number of players are trained by English clubs: 8
- No work permits
- Maximum number of non-EU players in the first 11: 3
- Maximum number of non-EU players in the match squad: 5
- Maximum wage limit: 1M (It could be change depending on the number of teams!)
- All the matches will be played always on Saturday
- All the matches will be televised always, each game will start on different times
- The sorting method if the teams have the same number of points: matches between teams, goals for, games won, red cards, yellow cards
- Yellow card bans: after 4 - 1 match ban, after 8 - 2 match ban, after 12 - 3 match ban, etc.
- Red card bans: adter 1 - 1 match, after 2 - 2 match ban, after 3 - 3 match ban, etc.
- The reserves will play always on Sunday
- The top 2 teams will qualify for Champions League
- The FA Cup winner and the League Cup winner will qualify for Europe League
- If the league size will be 10 teams or more, then there will be extra Champions League and/or Europe League places
- Fixed price monies based on the league places
- Fixed TV money prices, all the teams will get the same amount

There will be some brand new features:

- Same conditions for every teams at the start (Yes, all the clubs will have the same amount of fans, the same size of stadium, the same facilities, the reputation, etc.)
- Brand new wage calculation
- Revamped Champions League and Europa League (The system will be totally changed, because there would be enormous number of English clubs correlate to the size of the league.)
- Draft (Yes, the game will start with drafting. You don't have to work with the given players, you can chose your own squad!)
- Free manager assignment at the start (Yes, you can chose your starting manager for free.)
- No more European Super Cup and Club World Championship
- Free transfers will be allowed, but limited
- Loan between players will be allowed from the start

New level of customization is available for the intrested players:

- You can still create your own chairman
- You can chose any English team to play (You can chose Dag & Red or Truro, it's up to you!)
- You can rename the team (You can name it as you want it! The name have to accepted by me, but I'm not very strict. All the words in the name have to start with capital letter and all the abbreviations can contain only capital letters.)
- You can relocate the club (You can name any city from Great Britain and Ireland as your team's home town! Keep in mind the nation's and city's conditions will have effect on your team! England will have much better generated players, than the others. Bigger cities will have more increasement in the number of fans.)
- You can change the colours of the team (I'll design brand new kits for your team based on your ideas.)
- You can rename your club's stadium
- You can rename your team's nickname(s)

If you are intrested, the here are the steps of the game:

Step 1 - Registration

You have to fill out the application form. If you already did it for the previous game, then you don't have to send it again, unless you want to change something! The chairman's age shouldn't be older, than 50 years.

Step 2 - Chose your team

You can chose any English team, it's up to you! If you have your pick, then write it here please. If you want to customise your team, then write here too or message me.

Step 3 - Wait for the end of the registration phase

I don't set a specific starting date, but I think I'll close the registration on Wednesday.

Step 4 - Draft

I'll write soon the rules of the draftig. It'll be simple: There will be a picking order and every team will have the same wage cap. There will be a brand new wage calculating method, I'll write an excel table, so everybody can easily calculate the wages. Everybody can pick as he wants, there won't be any restrictions. If you want, you can have 5 GKs or you can chose 32 player or you can pick 18 super stars. Of course, the reputation limit will be active, so you can't chose Ronaldo or Messi, but because every team will get a pretty high reputations, so there will be maximum 100-150 players out of the draft. The picking order will simple too: I'll somehow make an order, this will be the order in the first round. In the second round we will invert the order, so the person, who could chose last in the first round, will be the first picker in the second round. In the third round the first round's order will be used, in the fourth the second, etc. The draft will be held in a Google Drive's spreadsheet. I need from every player an e-mail address which has a Google account, so I can restrict the areas what a person can edit. This way everbody can see what were the picks before him and can only edit her/his spots. Of course, you can fill out all the spots right at the beginning, but if somebody will chose the same player and is before you in the picking order, then you have to name somebody else. If you want to participate in the draft, then you have to send me the e-mail address!

Step 5 - Start of the game

I'll say it will be on 15th of April, but will heavily depend of the activity in the draft. If every player will finish her or his picking until Sunday, then the game deffiniatelly will start on Monday!

Keep in mind please, the whole game will be hosted at Chairman Game! I'm intrested only in active players. You don't have to annouce things regularly, it's enough if you do something in the game, so I can see you're still playing. It's okay, if you will have a break or go to holiday if you let me know!
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