Chairman Game


Aug 9, 2009
Interested in a chairman game in football manager?

Ollie's Chairmans Game Is Back!!
The Chairman Game Is Back!!​

Hi guys, my chairman game is back again. I hope some of you know what it entails but equally hope their are some fresh faces. this allows you to make decisions as a chairman hiring and firing managers. Signing marquee players for your manager, and setting wage and transfer budgets. really is a good type of sign up game. So if the rules dont fully explain everything for you simply as away.


1.Please only sign up if you intend to stay in at least for a season. Don’t just sign up now and then never look back, these can be fantastic games if everyone gets involved.

2. You may part with as many managers as you see fit, the financial and moral implications are on you.

3. When sacking a manager you must pay a contract settlement, this will be what remains on his contract.

4. When approaching a new manager, you cannot just hire anyone. I will only accept realistic managerial bids.
if your target is without a club, I will check his managerial rep. If it's unrealistic, he will reject you. however any manager on a clubs legends or icons list
will be fair game, for example, Cappello to Blackburn is not unrealistic however Dalglish isnt.

5. If you want to approach another club about their manager, contact them directly and negotiate a fee. Once both parties have agreed, PM me and I will sort it out.

6. When offering a manager a contract, you will need to set his wages and contract length. If you are the West Brom chairman and want to hire Paul Lambert you must offer him a greater wage and a contract length.

7. Transfer and wage budgets are decided by you, offer too much and you could see your club in administration. I will not edit the finances on FM at all. I will provide 6 monthly financial reports
This lets you keep on top of things.

8. Once the game starts, message your club name and assigned transfer and wage budgets. I will implement your details into the game.

9. If you wish to sack your manager, simply PM me and I will then inform you of the costs to do so. If you wish to proceed, I will get it done and announce it on the thread.

10. I will post the results each week for all the league and cup games. Each month I will post the league table and players stats page of the Premier League.

11. I will not provide screenshots of individual players or tactics, sorry but it takes too much effort. I will do this occasionally if someone PM’s me

Now for the tricky one please read with care! Haha

12. I have come up with a concept of the ‘FA’ for our game, this will include and two elected board members up too 1st January in the game, then there will be more elections where the head and the two other members will be elected. The board will be allocated between £10-£15m a year, too make decisions on of course the sacking or extension of a managers contract, not only of the main squad but also the under 21’s . This should add an extra dimension to the game as an incentive to be an FA board member the club who’s chairman are elected each year, will receive £10m in a wage to their bank balance. Of course England are currently without a manager so this will be your first task!

13. concerning transfers. You may make as many transfers chairman to chairman as you see fit within the league. However you are limited to one overseas transfer per transfer window and it must be at 3 times the value of that player, unless they have a minimum fee release clause. For example, Iker Munian has a 21m release clause so would cost just that. Joa Moutinho being valued at £8m would mean he would cost £24m.

14. Free agent transfers are like auctions. I will post a list of the free agents and people can PM me their offer for the player and the highest bidder wins.
As soon as we have 20 members the game can begin and there will be a 2 day transfer window and this is also the window for the FA selection, everyone will receive one vote, although they cannot vote for themselves!
If someone is really intent on being one of the 2 FA chairman spots up for grabs till January then I advise you release a press statement outlining what you wish to do in the role
These are the current chairmen of each club (will update);

Aston Villa
Blackburn Rovers
Bolton Wanderers
Chelsea – Oliver Connolly – Ollie Laaaaaaad
Manchester City - Mike Nevo - Tactic Master
Manchester United - Omar Brown - Animosama
Newcastle United - Toon Balmy7
Norwich City
Stoke City
Swansea City
Tottenham Hotspur
West Bromwich Albion
Wigan Athletic
Wolverhampton Wanderers

Fiscal reports will follow. Showing the clubs current balance, transfer and wage funds. On the current managers contracts; lengths, wages, and cost to remove.
I hope you all sign up and get involved they really are fantastic, the quicker everyone signs up the quicker we can get going

Managers Finance

Managers Contracts: Name, Wage, Contract Length, Cost To Remove

Arsenal - Arsene Wenger - 115k - 2014 - £17.94m

Aston Villa - Alex McLeish - 40k - 2014 - £6m

Blackburn Rovers - Steve kean - 25k - 2013 - £2.6m

Bolton Wanderers - Owen Coyle - 15k - 2012 - £780,000

Chelsea - Roberto Di Matteo - 15k - 2012 - £780,000

Everton - David Moyes - 50k - 2013 - £5.2m

Fulham - Martin Jol - 30k - 2013 - £3.12m

Liverpool - Kenny Dalglish - 40k - 2014 - £6.24m

Manchester City - Roberto Mancini - 100k - 2013 - £15.6m

Manchester United - Sir Alex Ferguson - 80k - 2012 - £4.16m

Newcastle United - Alan Pardew - 9.5k - 2016 - £2.47m

Norwich City - Paul Lambert - 10k - 2012 - £520k

QPR - Mark Hughes - 55k - 2014 - £8.58m

Stoke City - Tony Pulis - 20k - 2012 - £1.04m

Sunderland - Martin O'Neil - 20k - 2012 - £1.04m

Swansea City - Brendan Rodgers - 12k - 2014 - £1.87m

Tottenham Hotspur - Harry Redknapp - 46k - 2013 - £4.78m

West Bromwich Albion - Roy Hodgson - 35k - 2012 - £1.82m

Wigan Athletic - Roberto Martinez - 13k - 2014 - £2.02m

Wolves - Terry Connor - 10k - 2012 - £520,000

If you want to employ a manager from the lower leagues or on the continent, then you just

pay the compensation package e.g. Paulo Di Canio = £624,000

Forgot to mention so will add here, you can also improve your youth facilities and training facilities for 2.5m a point for youth and 3m a point for your training facilities. Really helps you build your club.
After the first season i will decide on building stadiums etc.

If this interests you sign up at Ollie's Chairmans Game Is Back!!
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Dec 4, 2009
Sounds very interesting but since i speak english badly i think i can't participate even if i want to. Enjoy guys!


Aug 9, 2009
We still have around 6 positions left, the community is vibrant and already in full swing, so get over here and dont miss out!


Jan 28, 2010
Dude someone else get bolton or did you give that to me? im sorry for PM you about it, wasnt sure how i went about it.


Aug 9, 2009
Its all over on the SI link! Liverpool lad deffientley got Bolton, as for the other two if you didnt get there before it was full, keep visitng or apply to be in the FA. If you keep following people will drop out they always do and you can take over, i promise you someone will drop out today


Jan 12, 2012
Its all over on the SI link! Liverpool lad deffientley got Bolton, as for the other two if you didnt get there before it was full, keep visitng or apply to be in the FA. If you keep following people will drop out they always do and you can take over, i promise you someone will drop out today
srry mate I cant scroll down to register as my mouse is not working:(



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