Champions League Final: Barca .v. Arsenal

Mikey B

Feb 22, 2006
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with barcelona winning the other semi overall this evening, that means tht the champions league final and the most orestigious prize in club football. Will iit be arsenal, with their captain playing against his possible future employers and arsenal's abysmal league campaign and needing to win the tournament to get in next season and knock their fellow London rivals Spurs into the Uefa cup, or Barcelona, with the brilliance of the south-american flair with Ronaldinho and Leo Messi, and the African Goal-Machine Samuel Eto'o. The bebate is open:)
I know you'll probably say I should be going for the English team, but this year i'm not, I want Barca to win it then Arsenal don't get into the Champions League next year and hopefully Spurs would qualify from it without slipping up this season. Just think it would be funny if Arsenal didn't get into it next year. :p
I hope Barca stuff Arsenal,would love to see them lose.
Lets Hope Arsenal win they deserve it :D
Arsenal have done real well 2 get 2 the final but i think Barca will be 2gd 4 them.

I want 2 see a final like the last, lots of goals

Am i right in thinking (under the new rule) if Arsenal win Tottenham would lose the champions league place??

If I was a Tottenham fan, I would be well ****** if our rivals cost us a place in the champions league.
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I'd like to see Arsenal win it but Barça will be too strong and will walk through Arsenal's defence blindfolded. The back line has done well in the Champions League but I can't see them holding off Ronaldinho and Eto'o for longer than 30 minutes. Força Barça!
yeah, if arsenal win the champs league and spurs come 4th spurs go into the uefa cup
Oh so Spurs would still be in a european competition, not that bad then really. I'd probably prefer Arsenal in the CL but it would be funny to see them not in it for once.
Well after Arsenals second leg performace against Villareal i believe that Accrington Stanley could beat ehm but my money is naturally on Barcelona its just wrong to think otherwise
:| Accrington Stanley? Who are they!? :| Exactly!:thup:

Sorry it had to be done:p
Come On Arsenal, despite the lack of English players, i still ahve to support them, unlike Utd in 1999. That hatred is too deep.
I think Barcelona will win the final by 2 goals. I hope Eto'o scores a few as he hasn't really been firing on all cylinders in the CL this season.
i reckon that Barca will win it!

And if Arsenal finish 5th then i think Henry will go to Barca at the end of the season!!!
Your post reminded me of the bloke that ran on the pitch and handed Henry a Barça shirt against Villareal. I found that amusing, thanks. :D
Not really, he could have been carrying a knife or anything, the stewards are lucky he wasnt dangerous.
Spose it was,and there was a nice spear from of the stewards :D I think it might have got to Henry cos he was anonymous in the second half