Champions League Quarter Final Draw


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Sep 15, 2005
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Quarter-final draw:
Milan v Bayern Munich
PSV Eindhoven v Liverpool
Roma v Manchester United
Chelsea v Valencia

Ties to be played on 3/4 April and 10/11 April.

Semi-final draw:
Chelsea or Valencia v PSV Eindhoven or Liverpool
Roma or Manchester United v Milan or Bayern Munich

Ties to be played on 24/25 April and 1/2 May.
Nice draw for us. We outplayed PSV twice this year already in the group stages so I'm sure we can do it again.

I was wanting to get Valencia but I suppose we'll just have to meet them in the Semis. - Oh no he didn't!
Great use of Scrubs patter there Lee :D and Very good draw for English sides.
Man Utd v Roma should be a good game. I can see Man Utd edging a win away and then getting an easy win at home :D

Oh no he didn't!


draw cuda been worse but roma did well to beat lyon so we'll have to watch out for him. Easy draw for liverpool but i can see that tie being borin as **** :p

Hope valencia beat chelsea obv, bayern/milan should be good
Won't be easy at al for Liverpool PSV are so under rated i think. They have class players and will be no push overs.
I fancy PSV for the final tbh, looked strong and athletic against arsenal. Liverpool seem to raise there game in the CL though so be close. I hope its an all english final.
Man Utd vs Scouse for the final IMO, Valencia to beat chelsea then Liverpool to beat them. :D
David Villa To Send Chelsea Crashing Out!!

Totti % manicini to do abit of magic also sendin utd out!!

Hope PSV Lose as they beat us!
Man Utd gave Roma a rinsing, I've only seen the first half because I had a 9:15 kick off for my footie team. Will be watching the highlights in 20 minutes because I hear Carrick pinged one in the top corner. Also I just saw the violence on the News, it's just pathetic to see. Will also watch how Chelsea blagged it.
Yeh Man Utd were just brilliant. Semi finals here we come woo :D
Yeah It can get annoying Blainey, the JJB accross from Pride Park stadium has 11 5 a side pitches and I play every Tuesday and Sunday. Kick-offs are 7:00pm, 7:45pm, 8:30pm, 9:15pm and 10:00pm. I miss a lot of CL football because of it. :(
Well no matter what the outcome of the semi finals I think we're guaranteed a good final now. Obviously I have a preffered outcome but I won't be too dissapointed if that doesn't occur.
Greatest European performance ever :D

I can say I was there, and it was ****** awesome. Everyone was immense, even Fletcher. Was one of those nights where everything goes right.
Any news on how long O'shea is gonna be out for??
guess its not serious as nothing has been mentioned..same for Rio
Pfft who cares about Rio, I :wub: O'shea!1!