Championship Manager 2006


Jan 23, 2006
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I see the CM2006 gold demo is available and the game itself set for release on 31/03/06. Has anyone played the demo or is anyone going to bother buying the game?
Nope and nope. CM is not a patch on FM since the Eidos / SI split. Wouldnt touch CM with a bargepole to be honest.
And isnt that a strange release date for the game seeing as the season is nearly over??
They done this the last time aswell cm5 was an isult to the name Championship Manager but if you give me linkage i will check it out.
Just seeing the home page put me off......!! :yikes:
I checked it out just the same as before to many buttons confusing and ****.
Are you talking about the demo or the website Kris? :)

I'm not even going to bother with the demo because FM06 has got to be the most real-to-life footy sim there has ever been and I can't see how BGS could top it. The only game I will replace FM06 with is FM07. Or Virtual Jenna Jameson :D
I heard about pro evo bringing out a management game, do you think it will be any good?
I heard about pro evo bringing out a management game, do you think it will be any good?

Well its got a good benchmark to compete against. Trouble is with any management game now they are going to be compared to FM. And i think they'll all come up short.
I think too that Pro Evo may only do a PS2 / X-Box version, which are never as good as PC versions anyway
I'm downloading it the now, gonna give it a whirl later tonight.
Post a report will you mate? Save me wasting my time....
Giving the Demo a go now, report back later once ive had a whiz.
Sean said it was shiz.

Whats the layout like?
The layout and the general interface looks really really ****. just installed it. Went through couple of skins but doesnt dig. The kind of actions etc is pretty similar to FM2006, however i have notice a few additions. Ill post them l8 because i havent actually got up to a game yet.
The gme is wank. The buttons are strange, they make annoying noise when you click them, and tried QPR. They had 15.5m! (Unless i put a setting in it :p)
yeh Arsenal have like 40million lol yeh the sounds are really annoying and you can barely read the text.