Changed my skin.....


Jan 3, 2009
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and wen i put it back to the fm2009 one the font is in white which is really hard to see ? help anyone
i tryed to load a skin but got the same problem couldnt see the skin just all the players names etc turned white if you find out let me no mate
Go to....

C:\Users\[Your PC Username]\AppData\Roaming\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2009\

and delete the cache folder.
We had someone in IRC the other day complaining about this. It turns out he wasn't actually downloading the skins.
i manager to sort it i was downloading them extracting them in the correct place but when i went to prefrences and loaded up skin once it loaded it went white but i didnt notice on the left theres a drop down menu where you choose the skin so i went to this clicked my new skin and its working now hope this helps you to mate
Same happened to me but i changed the resolution then changed it back and now its better but the text has went green instead of blue can anyone help?