Mar 23, 2012
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Is there any way to do this in the Editor?? I've made a Scottish league structure of how I want to see it structured in real life, and was wondering how I can change Promotion/Relegation, how many spots there are for promotion and relegation, how to add playoffs. How to change the U21 rule, I'm going to up it from 3 to 5. How to change the TV Deals, and money allocation. Take out the league split. etc. Anybody got any tips or the steps to change the rules??

Thanks for any help!!
You can do all of that in the editor. it's kinda the point of the editor to let you create league rules
i'm not sure about league split(i know you can do it, i just don't know)but for the rest if you click on the nation rules bit up the left hand side you can chnage all of the stuff you want to change
Yeah it does sound a bit arsey looking apologies

Gonna be a struggle without starting from scratch. everything gets greyed out when you choose the 'add additional leagues to existing structure' option.
advanced editor, is this different to what you receive when you purchase the game?
yes but its not supported by SI (funny thing because all files in game are made in advanced editor) so you must activate and learn how to use it
my question too
where can I find the advanced editor???
i am googling the whole time, but I can't find him. I need him to unlock some new leagues for a exitend league, and to change the winner price system.

I may be being stupid, sorry if i am but, where can i see how it is done? thanks