Changing Attribute Highlight Color NN Skin


Oct 22, 2010
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Vague discription, I know.

When you want to find out what kind of position and duty suits your player your best the game highlights those stats with a box around it. In the default skin this is a blue box. In my current skin it's black or transparent and I can't see clearly what stats are highlighted. So does anyone know how to change its color?

I tried a search and there were 2 or 3 threads on this but no answer to it.
navigate to user documents/si/fm11/skins/skin ur using/graphics/table/highlight

you need to change the colour of those graphics with ps or gimp etc
There's no highlights folder, only a heading folder. I looked in it but can't seem to find anything...
also for NN skin is there anyway to get the attribute circle thing back?
I solved my problem.

I downloaded another skin and copied the highlights folder to the NN skin. Presto, it now highlights the attributes. You can then change the colour of the highlight with PS or Gimp.

Thanks Dazzy, wouldn't have figured it out without your help.
no problem,i should of mentioned you would need to get the folder from extracting the skins folder from the data files in c:/ drive with resource archiver,sorry,glad you worked it out, least theres a few people with initiative (H):p

fm1063: you mean the analsyer polygon in players profile,if so navigate to user documents/si/fm11/skins/nnskin/panels and delete the "player profile personal details xml" load the game and go to preferences and reload the skin and the analyser polygon will be back
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ive edited my post above yours for a much quicker way
dazzy thanks mate is there anyway to edit the colours of it? you know the sections can i make them the same colours as the attributes themselves??
dazzy thanks mate is there anyway to edit the colours of it? you know the sections can i make them the same colours as the attributes themselves??

you could do something like i just done on my barca skin i put the team logo in it and changed the colour by extracting the polygon itself and editng it in photoshop you could probably do each section i just changed the whole thing,theres a pic of it on the messi profile image in my download page,link under my sig
cheers i will try something

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dazzy what do i open with photoshop? where is the analyser profile thing you were on about before
giv 10 mins ill upload it for ya just goin shop get milk lol
here extract this to user documents/si/fm11/skins/nnskin/graphics then go to that folder then edit the polygon graphic with ps or gimp,when done save to that location and reload skin

just saves you having to find this and extract from the skins folder fmf in data,alot of hassle lol
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so when i have edited the colours i just put the folder in graphics?
i have done it now how i change the colour of the line inside the polygon thing
good job looks nice id be happy with that

btw: you would need to locate this line in your colour settings xml and change accordinly or add this line to your colour settings xml if its not already there

<!-- analyser polygon colours -->
<colour name="attribute analyser line" red="255" green="215" blue="0" />

EDIT: ive just looked in nn skin settings the line is there so change to your desire,choose a colour in ps and get the rgb colour from there
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i chose black but do you think aany other colour would stick out
not much else to choose from as skin colour and everton is just blue,white really so stick with black,i would of said yellow will stick out but probably wouldnt look right :S