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Aug 6, 2012
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Sunday, 11th August 2013

There we were sitting in the pub, me and Jimmy just discussing football. I was an Arsenal fan whilst he supported Man United.

"Man United is A LOT better than Arsenal, d'you remember the treble? The following season where we demolished the league finishing 18 points in front of second which was your **** team? Oh and that season you nearly got your chance at European success but you couldn't even beat Galatasaray on penalties." Jimmy said as he tried **** me off and it was working

"If I was in charge I woulda made a difference, I could of won the league and made us Gunners the best team in the world you know that" I replied, gloating about how successful I was managing the U12's local team

"Premier League and U12's Harrow League" He said sarcastically "Completely the same thing!"

We both chuckled, finished of our 3rd pint and opened the door to thunder, as I quickly rushed to my car, lightning struck down and hit me, that's where I thought it was the end. Everything around me went into slow motion, Jimmy running to me after jumping of his motor bike, people screaming in shock it was so confusing.

Suddenly I can't see a thing but pitch black, there's a shock in my body as I open my eyes.

"So Fernando all you have to do is sign on the dotted line" I recognized that face, that was Peter Hill-Wood, he was Arsenal's Chairman until last month, I looked at the contract

Tuesday, 11th July 2000
Dear Fernando Best

I, Peter Hill-Wood, Welcome you to Highbury, assuring that
you can rely on the full backing of the board.
We are willing to offer you a contract until June 2002, worth
£39,500 a week.
As part of the contract, the board expect the following
philosophies to be adherd to:
-Play Possession Football
-Play Attacking Football
-Develop players using the clubs Youth System

Yours Sincerely,
Peter Hill-Wood
Arsenal Chairman

I was in total shock, I had a second chance in life and I wasn't going to refuse it. I signed the contract with no hesitation.
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Aug 6, 2012
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Pre-Season and Transfers

1 September 2000, 00:30GMT
Arsenal Pre-Season and Transfers

With new manager Fernando Best taking over, he has certainly been
busy, bringing in 7 new players and selling four.


Goalkeeper Alexander Manninger was the first out the door as he
joined Everton on a season-long loan.

The next player to leave was Defender Igors Stepanovs as he joined
Sunderland for £2.6m.

Arsenal then brought in 17-year-old Alex Cordaz from Inter as a
back up to David Seaman in a £1.7m deal.

After a long transfer saga between Thomas Graversen, Manchester Utd
and Arsenal, Graversen forced his way out of Everton with a
transfer request as Arsenal snapped him up for £12.25m.

A transfer with mixed reactions saw Cristiano Ronaldo join Arsenal
from Sporting CP for £7.75m. Fans were delighted that they snapped
up the Wonder-kid but thought that £7.75m is a bit too much for a
15-year old.

Lee Hendrie and Julian Joachim both joined from Aston Villa for a
combined fee of £10.65m. Lee Hendrie will most likely be used for
the future whereas Joachim is a temporary back-up.

Best is using his knowledge of his Spanish descent as he brings in
22-year-old Center-back Carles Puyol from Barcelona for £8.75m. He
also brought in Real Madrid Center-back Aitor Karanka for £3.3m as
the Spaniard found himself on the transfer list and agreed to join
Arsenal instead of Bayern Munich.

Gunners fans thought they were done in the transfer window and were
pleased until Fernando Best allowed Ray Parlour to leave for £14m.
Parlour was in contract negotiations with Leeds, Everton and Chelsea
but decided to join rivals Liverpool.

Jermaine Pennant
went on loan to Championship side Sheffield
to gain first-team experience.


Arsenal kicked of their pre-season tour in Korea with a 3-0 victory
over Daejeon with Sylvinho, Adams and Wiltord found the net.

Their next game was against Chunnan. Arsenal demolished the side 6-0
with Robert Pires managing a hat-trick, Keown scored a brace whilst
Graversen scored his first goal in a red and white shirt.

The last game of the tour was a 1-1 draw against Suwon. Bergkamp
managing the only goal.

Arsenal returned to Highbury to host Spanish Giants Barcelona. Pires
and Henry scored the goals
as the sides drew 2-2.

The last game of pre-season was against Liga Adelante side Atletico
at Highbury, the match ended 4-3 with Graversen, Kanu,
Bergkamp and Pires
scoring the goals as The Gunners ended pre-season

If anyone's wondering, I'm using Danarouso
's 2000-01 database.
Aug 6, 2012
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August and September Update

Arsenal get of to bright start
View attachment 376895[HR][/HR]He might be crazy but Fernando Best has kept Arsenal unbeaten so far with the Henry, Bergkamp and Kanu bringing in the goals whilst Seaman, Karanka, Keown, Adams and Puyol rotating well at the back as they keep up positive displays.

The Gunners kicked of the Carling Premiership against Leicester at home and had an easy string of fixtures bar one or two in the 2 months they have played so far.
Carling Premiership Matchday 1
Arsenal 1 Keown (45+3)
Leicester 1 Akinbiyi (75)

Arsenals first game of the season was a disappointment as they drew 1-1 to Leicester at home. Arsenal played a 4-2-3-1 formation that has been rarely used and despite the good defending they couldn't find a goal until Keown headed the ball into the back of the net following a corner. Arsenal kept the lead until the last 15 minutes when a high ball bounced in front of Akinbiyi and he blasted the ball past Seaman into the back of the net.
MOTM: Martin Keown

Carling Premiership Matchday 2
Charlton 0
Arsenal 3 Kanu (52, 86) Keown (90+1)

Arsenal got their first victory of the season thanks to a second half display as Best pushed Henry to the wing and put Kanu up front and it seemed to work. Kanu scored his first goal of the season in the 52nd minute. Arsenal recieved a penalty in the 86th minute and Bergkamp had his shot saved, less than a minute later, a failed back pass saw Kanu round the keeper and slot it into the back of the net. Charlton thought that was it until Keown scored another header in the 91st minute.
MOTM: Kanu

Carling Premiership Matchday 3
Liverpool 0
Arsenal 2 Henry (34) Hendrie (72)

Tactical genius Fernando Best changed to a 4-4-2 counter attacking tactic and it payed of as Arsenal defeated rivals Liverpool at Anfield.
Arsenal opened up the scoring with one touch passes between Lauren, Graversen and Cristano Ronaldo, who became the youngest Premiership player. Graversen's first touch pass to Henry saw the Frenchman touch it past Hyypia and slot it into the back of the net. With just under 20 minutes to play, Lauren dribbled down the wing past two players and a nicely placed throughball to Henry, Henry then dribbled into the box forcing the keeper to come out and passed it to Hendrie who got his first goal as he smashed it into the back of the net.
MOTM: Henry
Carling Premiership Matchday 3
Arsenal 1 Pires (42)
Man City 0

a pretty boring game, Arsenal managed a victory over Man City to keep their unbeaten run going. A Henry assist and a Pires goal saw the French players combine well. Keown had a late goal chalked of because of a foul on keeper Nicky Weaver.
MOTM: Viera

[HR][/HR]Comments are appreciated
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