Jan 11, 2013
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So I'm using one of the databases available on the site and Pep Guardiola joins Bayern after 2013 so I know this is definitely possible. How do I make it so that Moyes joins Man UTD when Ferguson retires? I found the "retire at the end of contract" easily but I'm having difficulty choosing Moyes as his successor.

If anyone could please help me out I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

I think your find this is hard coded into the game by SI Games, theres no option in the editor for future transfers of staff and I dont think its possible with a EDT file as well.

The only thing I can suggest to do is make David Moyes a favourite of the club and chairman and vice versa and hope he gets offered the job. Also to get Fergie to retire change his contract expires date to 19th May and tick the box will leave at end of contract.
Best way to get this to be possible is to:
Set Fergie to retire at end of contract.
Have Moyes leave current club at end of contract a day earlier.
Make Man Utd Moyes favourite club. Also give him a small reputation upgrade as his profile will be higher to join United.
Make Man Utd Chairman friends with Moyes.
Make Moyes Man Utd legend. +100

With this it will be most likely moyes will be next manager