Chapman7 U.S. Città di Palermo tactic 14.3.1


Mar 17, 2009
Just managed to finish first season with Palermo, winning Serie B for promotion to Serie A. As never managed in Serie A/B I found it difficult to find a consistent tactic as I would be on a unbeaten run then I go on a losing streak until I managed to have myself make this one. Which proved to be very consistent, one stage went 12/13 games straight wins in a row.
Match Preperation: Use your scouts suggestion for match prep(one who has highest Tactical Knowledge) my one is Fabrizio Giaconia.

Team Talk: Ask your assistant to take it as he will do a good enough job(I kept the original Assistant)

During a match: I made the changes to the play that the Assistant Manager suggests but if your in the last 15/20 minutes I tend to do Play more direct, Pump Ball Into Box and either High or Much higher tempo.

In first season you get a low budget, for the tactic I was using I needed a AMR and for that I decided to sign Paul Couts for £700K and then another £500K after promotion and what a Signing he was!

A few of my results and table for you. I would like to see if anyone can get success with this tactic with another team.