Jan 2, 2011
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Need a new goalkeeper for Wolves. Hahnemanne's had numerous shockers already for me and i think he' on three own goals. Never been a big an of his anyways, so looking for a decent replacement, although the problem is, Wolve's have only gave me a £200k budget. Suggestions..?

Dida is a free agent at the start of the game. He may be worth a look
Also Khune the South African from Kaiser chiefs, costs around 200k
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Vincent Enyeama, Nigeria Keeper, about 200-300k, so might have to use instalments or free up some money.
Fabian Carini is free too.

I don't know much about Wolves, but isn't Hennessey good enough?
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fabian carini and Contofalsky are free depending on what stage your at. other than that try enyeama, he was 230k in my game, or try loaning a couple with good attributes for reflexes and handling and fair attributes for concentration, decisions, positioning and communication.
use the search bar :) a lot of need a goalkeeper threads :D
you could try and loan a goalkeeper for the time being and then gain some more money while you search for a decent keeper.