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Jan 25, 2011
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Hey, I'm managing Nitra in the Slovak first division, playing pretty well and have got through to fourth round of qualifying of Euro Cup. However my midfield general and tempo dictator Ivan Hodur is out for 2-3 months and I need a replacement. I have around 700 p/w available to spend for wages but no transfer kitty. Does anyone know of a replacement? Here's his screenie
u dont have any transfer money???

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if u go the boardroom overview, then u can control the amount between transfer and player wages
Yeh I know, I'd prefer to pick up on free transfer if possible but if you know a cheap transfer it would be appreciated :) Need one kind of soonish though, I'm going to try and take on Porto in EURO cup :p
Have a look at Costin Lazar. Usually available on a free with very low wages.
Cheers, I'll have a look :)
Sorry, they must have signed him up again because I have to pay for transfer :( Cheers anyway
A short term, VERY cheap and decent answer could be this guy.
Cheers found a guy myself Jan Kozak, hopefully he likes Slovakia better then Greece :)
Looks pretty good mate, stamina may be a killer, though.
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Yeh, but way I figure once I get Hodur back then I can rotate quite easily. Lost 2-0 to Porto at their home ground, now can I make up the difference?
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Cheers, signed that Kozak, thanks anyway :) Won 1-0 to Porto at home but wasn't enough, ah well still amde 500k odd pounds just from 4 qualifiers :)
Sami Emmanuel, future wonderkid and hes available for 16k ish and he'll even goto a non league team <)
I win? :eek: