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May 17, 2012
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I'm in my second season with Chelsea but for the life of my defence, they just can't help but concede goals lately, I don't know why as I have the match preparation set as Def. Positioning at all times, yet the majority of the goals I've conceded in the last 50 games have come from open play (see below)

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Below is my tactic, I've changed the way Chelsea play a tad. I've got two wingers cutting in from the flanks with two forwards up top. As you can see I have the defensive line down towards playing deep so I can't work out why other teams are finding it so easy to split me open and score.

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Here you can see just how often I've been conceding goals, it's far too regularly for my liking. I'd love to be able to secure my back line and stop the goals flooding in. Admittedly, the 6-1 loss to Bayern was mainly due to Petr Cech being injured, Courtois being out on loan and Frey not being registered for the champions league so I had Sam Walker debuting in the champs league which isn't ideal.

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But yeah, if anyone can give me a few tips to help tighten up the defence, i'd appreciate it loads.

Cheers for any help!