Jan 3, 2013
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After just scraping 4th in the first season, I have tried to create a new tactic, though I do seem to be conceding more in this second season. Not exactly certain of the cause, though my goals have also dried up as of late.

with the ageing

Lampard ,Terry & Cole
replacing Lampard with Poli in later years, Cole was ment to be replaced with Bertrand but he seems far from ready, terry with mendel for now.
I have managed to keep them all though they are in there last year of there contracts so it is sort of a rebuilding job in them area's.Though I haven't played a large number of games using the current tactic. I am still looking for ways to improve it.
currently using the following formation:


though I am sure that it's not perfect and am wondering if anyone can see any immediate issues with it ?

P.S i still have Cahill & Torres, however Cahill is now rated 2 stars due to a major injury and I doubt he will improve any time soon which is another reason I required a new cb, he was out for the majority of the first season. Torres well we all know about the Torres situation.... He is awful or has been to me soo much so that he's value is now around 2m. However I have tried to get him to perform a few times but nothing seems to work. So he is now in my reserves trying to prove himself to me.
Thanks alot
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