Jan 7, 2009
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Recently started a new save with Chelsea a couple of days ago as I was getting bored of my long serving save. Was only planning to play a couple of games but I've really got into it, started the game with "No transfers in the first window" ticked to add to the realism.

Currently sitting pretty at the top of the league 12 points ahead of City in 2nd. Tried to play my youngsters in the League Cup, didn't really payoff as I got knocked out by Nottm Forest at the first time of asking. Hoping to at least reach the final of the champions league though.

Anyway, the reason I am posting is I am just wondering your opinions on who would be a good addition to my side? I'm assuming, should I atleast win the league, my transfer budget should be about 15-20million?

I am trying to mix the squad up a bit with experience and youth, trying to bring on youngsters from the bench to get some first team time as well.

I've been playing a 4-2-2-2 formation and scoring for fun, although appears to be a little leaky at the back.

The team as it stands(not changed massively from what it is at the moment)

GK - Cech

DR - Ivanovic
DL - Cole
DC - Terry
DC - Alex

MC - Lampard
MC - Essien

AMR - Farfán
AML - Malouda

ST - Benzema
ST - Drogba


S1 - Hilário
S2 - Paulo Ferreira
S3 - Ramires
S4 - McEachran
S5 - Bertrand
S6 - Kakuta
S7 - Sturridge (has been surprisingly as well 20 goals in 17 appearances)

I think ideally I could do with a new DR and DC to cover for what I have. Alex and Ivanovic both are very injury prone for me. Then of course we have the ageing Drogba, I guess the most probable replacement for him would be someone like Lakaku or does anyone have a recommendation for another target man?

Farfán hasn't been giving many good performances so far since bringing him in for £10million in January, so possibly a new AMR for this season at least, I would think Kakuta will be ready for first team by the time the 3rd season starts.

Also would you recommend a complete clear out of the dead wood in the Chelsea squad at the moment?

I'm thinking of getting rid of


Would removing this many first team players cause unrest or do you think its needed?

Any help on either of my questions would be hugely appreciated.
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Get Lukaku for Drogba and I just literally started a chelsea save and right now im either getting Mata or Neymar for left wing, In jan I want 2 get De gea, Rb I would like to get a youngster such as Vrasjklo or de wiel cb you could get Rami,Kjaersubotic,zapata
I would save the money rather than getting De Gea, Cech is good for atleast another 4-5 seasons, then by that time Matej Delac will be more than ready for the move up to the first team.
No De Gea = Best Goalie in the world.
You need another keeper to have handy, I'd recommend Luis Guillherme as youth who should compete with Cech and up to when the latter retires
Any other recommendation for a RB who would fit straight into my team?

I was thinking maybe Srna?
srna class act for 3 -4 years go in for eden hazard to replace malouda dc phil jones