Chelsea 4-1-2-3: Feedback Required!


Apr 9, 2017

Hi, before I start I'd like to introduce myself. I'm relatively new to Football Manager, the only game copy I have is FM15 and my experience is rather slim. I currently play a save along with my brother - he's managed Manchester City(sacked) and Liverpool(currently 3rd in the league, below Manchester United in 2nd and myself in 1st).

My managerial experience is quite slim, however I am strongly against downloading a pre-made tactic. It seems like too easy an exit for me.
The Background

It's a tactic that I came up with on my parallel journeyman save. It worked quite well, especially considering I was the one behind it - I won the FA Trophy and Vanarama Conference in my first season with my first club(Aldershot Town), missed out on the League Two title the following season by two points.

Then I left for Coventry City - first season: promoted, missed out on the League One title to Wolves on 3 goals in goal difference, second: won the Championship play-off the following season as well as going out in the Capital One Cup Final 2-0 to Arsenal, and then finished tenth in the Premiership in my third and last season with the Sky Blues.

Then I left for Sampdoria who were bottom of Serie A with Europa League football to be played. I managed to finish 6th, exactly where the media expected me to finish, and I went out of the Europa to Liverpool in the semis, 5-3 on aggregate (lost 3-0 away, won 3-2 at home).

I then began the aforementioned save shared with my brother. I altered my tactic slightly as to suit the team better, I've also put in my own set piece instructions, changed the formation from a wide 4-3-3 to a 4-1-2-3 with an anchor man at DM in Nemanja Matic as well as some team instruction changes.

The Present

Now, under my leadership, Chelsea is playing quite well - I won the league with four games in hand in my first season, lost 2-1 to Norwich(!) in the FA Cup Final, won the Champions League 2-0 in the final against Real Madrid(and demolished Bayern 6-1 on aggregate en route to the trophy), and had a home record of 19 wins, 0 draws and 0 losses.

I'm now halfway through my second season with the club - I've made some juicy transfers, the winter window's just closed, and the table is looking like this:

View attachment 96655

There's a few funny things in there, like Burnley doing an Aston Villa impression, Hull somehow being above Tottenham and West Bromwich having as many draws as they have wins and losses combined. There's also us, Chelsea, unbeaten halfway through the season, sitting 1st on 60 points having played 3 games less than 2nd placed LVG's United and 2 games less than 3rd placed Liverpool of my brother's.

Logic would tell me that it's the tactic that suits the players, who, in turn, are in great form. Pessimism tells me though that I am just lucky and that the tactic is feces. This is where any reader might come in.

The Tactic
Mentality: Control | Team Shape: Fluid

Formation and Roles:
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Team Instructions:
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And, for a reference point, the squad:
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The Problem
As I've already mentioned, I am overly pessimistic, but I'm also always striving to improve, so I'm putting this thread out there for people to read and hopefully throw in their own 5p trying to answer my question(s):

Is there anything I can do to improve the tactic, either offensively or defensively, and is my success down to luck/player quality or is the tactic solid?

I really want to go a season unbeaten! It's a feat I'll potentially never be able to achieve again and who knows, maybe I'll learn how to be a better manager from some of y'all.