Aug 5, 2011
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I started a new save with Chelsea and I'm not sure if I should sell Torres or keep him. Any suggestions? And if I choose to sell him, who would be a good replacement that is like 23-26 years old?
Yep, recall Lukaku or get Lewandowski. Usually gets transfer listed for around 25M.
I like signing Carlos Fierro. I tapped him up in my first Swansea season ("we'll do everything in our power to sign Carlos" etc.) until I was one of his favoured personnel and he was begging his club to accept my pitifully low offers. Got him in the first transfer window for £3.8m. Spend a season or two getting his first touch, finishing and dribbling to 16 then train him generally as a poacher. Excellent investment.
Sell Torres. Couple of players to look at:
Luuk De Jong (Gladbach, 22)
Christian Benitez (America, 26)

Or just recall Lukaku.
in my first season ba and torres did good enough, from 2nd season lukaku is a beast with atleast 40 goals every season, and you can get lewandowski on free too, selling torres is difficult with his wages
Definitely sell Torres. With his wages you might have to sell him at under 5m. Trust me, his stats drop MASSIVELY after a couple of years. Like the others have said, Lukaku is a quality striker just waiting in the wings. You might want to look at Falcao as well, if you bid low for him Atletico will reject it and he tends to get upset. Ends up getting transfer listed in January for about 25m or so. Definitely a bargain.