Apr 14, 2012
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just about to start second season, looking at getting ter stegen as he looks immense, however i have cech and courtis already. i could sell cech (31 years old) and get ter stegen (21) on a lesser salary, but the fans will hate me for selling cech. i also have courtis, who has great potential but isn't great at the minute. i need to defend better as i conceded way too many goals last season

so basically should i sell cech to get ter stegen, or should i hold out and hope he performs well and courtis is good.
Keep Cech, sort out your tactics to concede less and play Courtois (who turns into a great goalkeeper anyway) as much as possible to help his development. Cech is a good keeper and if you have to spend money to get Ter Stegen it's probably not worth while
ok thanks, i was only tempted by ter stegen as hes available for about 17m
I have Ter Stegen in my Villa team, he's awesome, but as you already have Courtois and Cech anyway it seems like you could spend money better somewhere else to me! Good luck :)
yeah true! plus even if ter stegen is better don't want the fans to hate me!
I got ter Stegen for £17m myself, and sold Reina to Arsenal for £15m. The fans did NOT like it at all, but given ter Stegen's performances it wasn't really a problem. He's been immense, and I don't regret for a second selling Reina to a rival. But if you want Courtois to improve, you have to play him. ter Stegen has played every single game for me for almost 2 seasons, and he's improved significantly during that time. Playing time is alfa and omega for young talents.
when does courtois come back off loan from ath madrid?