Feb 8, 2011
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im going to be using eduins tactic


so , who do you reccomend to play in these positions , I will buy agbonlahor and have him and drogbaa up top

who else do you reccomend ? i need a quick defender any suggestions , and also a decent back up striker

Cheers Lads
THE Tactian himself :) im using your tactic , so thiago silva , alex and terry at the back ?
could work, but pull defense back a bit and put terry in the middle of the three
If your looking for a back up striker then Neymar is young and will develop into a leading premier league player but will be quite pricey
Use david luiz?
Decent to pair up with terry :)
Conceded 9 goals first season with them
Yh, you will do much better with lfcmarshall's january update
ATM im having

A.Cole Not Sure

Who Should i have right wing back
Who Would You Play Cm's
And would you have, Drogba And Torres Upfront With Agbonlahor Roatating , and sell anelka

And can you link me to the Update , and does it tell you how to download , since ive only just got the game i dont know how to download :/
ANyone no a league online i can join\
Jeez man, ur not sure if you should play Ashley Cole as LWB? **** yes I say.

And for RWB, Maicon? Not a cheap option but still worth it.

Youve got Essien, hes one of the best midfielders in the game. Use him and Lampard as AMC or if you use Essien & Lampard as CM, then get Javier Pastore to AMC position. He's a beast.

Tho, depends what roles you put to CM & AMC players....
whya re you arsenal and asking to buy players for chelsea?
im not , that tactic is a screenshot from 3-2-2-1-2 , they use arsenal in that
atm im going for this then

Bosingwa Cole


Torres Drogba

Agbonlahor as back up :)
Epic. Rotate Lampard with Ramires as a Central midfielder attack. Works epic :)