Chelsea Start Work On New Pitch.


Sep 15, 2005
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Chelsea have started re-laying their Stamford Bridge pitch after completing three home matches in six days.

The Premiership champions do not host a game again until 11 March with work expected to be completed before they face London rivals Tottenham.

Criticism has been levelled at the poor surface, which also needed to be relaid last season.

Barcelona, in particular, voiced their concerns about its condition prior to last week's Champions League tie.

A Chelsea spokesman told BBC sport earlier this month: "We have always had problems with the pitch.

"In the past we generally re-lay once during the season and then reseed in the summer.

"But that creates a vicious circle as it makes it harder for the pitch to bed down in the summer."

About ******* Time!
Woo we'll get to break in thier new sand pit!
It's just going to get like that again. At least it wasnt as bad as the last time though.
maybe they couldnt afford a new pitch upto now ?
Murali, it's not like they don't have a billionaire as an owner.:rolleyes:
they only didnt replace it cos they were playin Barca
Yeah it is about time, terrible playing surface but after all that moaning from Barca it didnt stop them winning. Dont know how it got so bad really.