Chelsea team bus attacked by fans

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Aug 23, 2006
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Frank Lampard reveals a brick was thrown at the Chelsea coach as it arrived at Upton Park for the game against West Ham on Wednesday.

Shame the brick didn't hit Drogba in the face. Hope the brick is ok
Shame it wasn't the man utd bus. Oh sorry I forgot most of them have already taken a beating in rome.
ha, i wish it was man utd bus tbh but chelsea's will do cos i dont like them either lol
That was the fans ********

sigh, i know - i was talkign about the club in general, it's quite hard to get people to understand over this thing, but then again i thought you'd put 2+2 together and get 4... obv not.
whats with everyone not liking ad lol? is it cos hes so gay and talks the biggest ***** i've ever hear lmao?? :D
might just well be that fact, or his attitude to others...