Chelseas Half Time Team Talk

or heard...

thats hilarious :D 'drogba i can replace,35half million'

i reckon it should be released as a single,

or is that a bit too extreme :confused:
that might be too much,although im sure the actual song bit of it could take off :eek:
Oh man, when Darren sent me this I was cracking up, The Drogba bit is the best though :D, Im guessing Andy found it? Well Imma rep you both :) Great find, got it on my iPod :D
'If i want to laugh i watch Damien do a tune for us'...'damien make us laugh' :D
Nice one :D shame its about Chavs though :(
That is **** funny whoever found this is a legend :rolleyes: The drogba replacing thing is funny as!!