Dec 8, 2010
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Evening all,

Been playing with Cheltenham Town in League 2. Currently in my 3rd season there after avoiding relegation twice. However lately, I just cant seem to get a win.

Anyone else played with Cheltenham before and had any luck getting promotion or have any tips for managing this side?

Been using an attacking 4-4-2, fluid, direct, high defensive line, wide. Added a few decent players, a youngster called Micah Evans has been scoring well for me, and I had a Man Utd Reserve striker called Cofie on loan, he scored about 16 goals in 18 games or so.

Any help appreciated. 3 Seasons in, struggling. FM2011 is the first manager sim ive ever played, so I think Ive done ok by avoiding relegation twice.


you got a parent club mate ?? they can help with money and send you some good players on loan

sell David Rainford if you still have him as his a grumpy git :p I should know his my p.e teacher :D
cheers for the reply mate,

I have Arsenal as my parent club. They give me 50k+ every season, and theyve sent me a couple of players on loan. One was a terrible keeper who Scott Brown was better than, so didnt need him, the other was a defender who was awesome.

If i try and request more loans from them, they accept but the players reject =[

Been trying all sorts. Sticking with the same tactics for majority of seasons, but really dont know what to do next. This season has been terrible so far. Finished 14th and 10th past two seasons. Currently im lying in 20th.
the Arsenal reserves you are bidding for are proberly rejecting because they are the best maybe?? if they are try scouting a fw of the less talented reserves and see how well they are expected to do in the league 2 mate :)
cheers mate, ill try some of the lesser talented guys.

dont suppose you have any tips on tactics?
Still had no luck lol Dont know how I did it in the first few seasons. Was winning games left right and centre.

I tried leaving my assman in charge whilst I went on 'holiday'. He goes and has CTFC win 4 games out of 4. I dont even know how to look at what tactics he used.

Anyone played as or willing to take a challenge and play as Cheltenham? Any help with this team would be greatly greatly appreciated.


How often do you give the players a resting day? I do this quite often, and it helps getting the morale up high.

High morales usually mean better performances ;)
I try to get in the best fitness coach I possibly can, hardly need rest days.
How do you give a rest day?
And also try a more rigid formation in the lower leagues, until your promoted a copla times and have better players. If you are too fluid in the lower leagues, your players will drift out of formation, and wont be as effective!
What you need in Lower League is a very attacking tactic. I would suggest this:
Counter 4-4-2, Direct, Rigid, Stick to Position, Narrow (a bit), Low Defensive Line

Give them hardly any creative freedom (except for your playmaker) and just tell them to defend and hoof it up the pitch to a tall striker - make sure you buy one if you don't already have one! Have a really Low Defensive Line as you want to counter and there aren't many good Long Range shooters at your level.

Good luck though, Cheltenham are my local side.
I try to get in the best fitness coach I possibly can, hardly need rest days.

i got a fitness coach for rotherham in league two called

peter davidson
30 y/o DOB 18/1/1980
20 fitness
hi mate, i decided yesterday i was going to manage a league 2 team as i didnt want to go too high, but too low in the english leagues. i looked who the media thought would finish 24th and picked them (cheltenham) for a challenge. if you can get him, rory deacon on loan from arsenal is a goal scoring machine and oli johnson from norwich on loan is just insane. i also recommend herd on loan from aston villa (cant remember first name) and then sign anthony moguena as a back up striker. he had 12 appearances for me, all coming off the bench at southampton, and he got 8 goals. rhema obed is a brilliant, young right back and he gets pretty good and i signed this guy called yassine abdellaoui on a free transfer who, although is 35, is brilliant and strengthens the midfield. all these players are free agents as i know you do not get any money for transfers and i agree that a parent club is a great idea. i play 4 at the back, 1 defensive midfielder, 2 in the middle, then 2 wingers far up the field with the big man up top. works wonders if you set the defensive midfielder as the deep lying playmaker (in my case abdellaoui) and iv played 4, won 1 and drawn 2 with 1 loss which is a pretty fair start for someone fighting relegation! if youv got any help for me id love to hear it and il keep helping you as much as i can. all the best
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