Dec 20, 2012
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Hey readers, I've decided to start a story on my current Chesterfield save. Im currently 25 games into the 1st season where I sit 2nd in League 2. I aim to take Chesterfield to the Premier League and eventually the Champions League. I will post some screen shots of thew season so far below and will start the story in the next update. Thank you :)

League Table

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Overall I am very pleased with my activity, Zarate and Noel seem to have injury problems but some good deals for only spending a net of 70k.

Recent Form

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Please leave feedback on how I can improve the story or just if you're enjoying it!
Some great signings! Graham Carey looks like he will be a beast at that level when he joins. I had Noel Makombo-Eboma on my Colwyn Bay save, he played pretty well up to Championship level but I had to sell him to Wigan as they triggered his release clause. Here's some screenshots of him from my game.

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Thanks for the feedback, I got Graham Carey for 70k as he was transfer listed. I've included Noel as much as possible, but I play a 4-3-2-1 and Zarate is my main striker, Noel had a spell when Zarate was out and he injured himself for 6 months! -_- Hopefully next season will be his main breakthrough year.

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Dag & Red 1-1 Chesterfield
Herd (11)

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Chesterfield 2-0 Barnet
Mark Richards (44 & 84)

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Chesterfield 3-1 Burton
Togwell (2) O'Shea (11) Sbaffo (24)

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AFC Wimbledon 1-5 Chesterfield
Mckee (10,45,83) Sbaffo (57) Zarate (69)

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Plymouth 3-1 Chesterfield
Zarate (44)

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Chesterfield 2-2 Bristol Rovers
Mckee (2) Carey (71)

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Cheltenham 3-2 Chesterfield
Zarate (31,52)

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Chesterfield 4-0 York
Zarate (5,36) Richards (60,69)

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League 2 Table

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So my league form has kept going at a high standard leaving me top of the table :)

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