Choices !


Sep 17, 2005
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Well i wanted to start a new game to play while soccer sat is on then man u game and i could not decide what league so......

went for them all :D if it ever loads i will let you know who i go
160gb hard drive and a gb of ram so it aint a bad pc...still trying to decide who to go
Let us know how long it took to load up as well. Fair play though I wouldnt have the patience to try it
loaded ok but takes ages 2 load each day so i quit lmao
lol do u think it would take that long on my pc?
spec: 500 GB hard drive 1024 MB RAM
ur HD doesnt matter, its all about the RAM and processor
mine is an amd 3400+ or something like that i started another game with 10 league's
Pretty good machine yea. If you have a GB of ram or more your game should run pretty **** quick. Depending on the leagues you run and detail etc....
kool. i was gonna select everything like kris but i just started agen unemployed and got the bristol rovers job in febuary!