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Chrisormie -- Twitch FM streamer (http://www.twitch.tv/chrisormie)


Mar 3, 2009
Hi everyone,

Recently I discovered ChrisOrmie (Link to Twitch channel / https://twitter.com/chrisormie) on Twitch and I have really enjoyed watching him stream and play this great game! He has very good and fun interaction with the chat (where you are also allowed to discussed what is happening in your own save, talk about Football, ask questions about his save and/or other stuff).

Currently, he is doing a long Swansea save where he is building a team of (Swan) champions and is actually at first place in the league (after a season where he finished 7th). It is really enjoying to watch him build his squad, scouting for new players; almost like you are playing the save with a friend.

Seeing that he is trying to get partnered by Twitch, I decided to place this post to help where I can. He is going to try to stream Football Manager every day for the month of November (and planning on streaming other games in the future), so If you want give him a chance: Link to Twitch channel and let me know what you think (*goes back to watching the stream*)!

Other streamers that are also worth mentioning are:
- DoctorBenjy (part of the same network as Chrisormie)
- oOCLANOo (who already posted here on this forum himself)