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No results? No final league table standing?
No results? No final league table standing?

I'll be honest with you: in all the years of doing these tactic uploads, it's pretty much redundant providing either. People save scum/mis-represent etc. Then someone will take the tactic and throw it into a tactic testing league and any results I would state would be null and void.

I think the tactic is good. It's solid enough for underdogs if you do as I say but this isn't a sales pitch. If folk want to use it they can, i'm not making any claims beyond my subjective opinion.
No results? No final league table standing?

Domestic treble year one in Scotland with Kilmarnock playing the The 1998/99 DB from @MadScientistFM

As I said though: I don't think the results prove much.




I'll do a quick test on an EPL team to see how it goes using the 23.4 (latest) database. Can't see how the results would differ that much. If you use the correct training, team talks, manage players well in terms of morale and fitness and select those suitable for the tactic and game manage effectively: you'll get decent results.

Will update in a couple of hours, doing a save (set it up then put on holiday - no signings) with Southampton, who we can all agree are toilet in this version/rl.
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7th and FA Cup SF with no transfers and what can only be described as an ill fitting squad for the tactic. Che Adams scums 31 goals, 26 in the league, second only to Megatron, sorry I mean Haaland. Take into account on holiday, bad patches, morale etc not even attempted to be fixed: just ran its course with a very square peg/round hole squad to work with.


Ok now i'll do a holiday save with Man City, same premise: just set up the tactic in pre-season, and then holiday from start to finish.
I love your honesty, grammar and humour. Brilliant. I will try it later on.

Appreciated as I know the grammar is a bit creative. There's no point in myself giving the hard sell. The tactic either works or it doesn't. I think the vast majority of FM players have sussed the days of true plug and play are over but if this can be one of the three tactics you alternate with then that's a win
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Predictable and doesn't prove anything but obviously Man City won everything with Haaland clocking up over 108 goals, 60 in the league.



I got this result in my 1st game unfortunately....

With Manchester City, I think any tactic is fine
On this I am in full agreement: I stated the results were pretty much pointless to post.

I don't give much value to any positive/negative feedback in all honesty. It works very well for me. That's the only statement of veracity i'll make. Everyone is welcome to make their own mind up.
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I would like to give you credit honestly! At least you created something and willing to post it out. I am just another ******* download from forum and say yes or no to the tactics.

At least you have done a big step in front of US!

My feedback to you wasn't criticise, but just saying it didn't work for me.

A strong tactics I see on different forums, testing with Man city, I do expect either they dont lose even a game in the whole season, or they dont concede more than 20 goals in the league.

However I like the look of your tac so i gave it a try. Many ppl says only 1 or 2 games you won't able to make it work, however honestly speaking a strong tac works immediately for many many games or seaons.
however honestly speaking a strong tac works immediately for many many games or seaons.

As someone that's been posting successful tactics for 12+ years I feel comfortable with how it is performing. Thanks for the feedback regardles.