Christmas List


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Sep 16, 2005
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Tell Santa what you want then...

I dont really know what I want, im thinking about getting a PSP but the PSP Giga packs sold otu everywhere, if anyone knows where to get it link.
My main targets are..

X Box 360
Liverpool FC Europeon Shirt.
New gold chain because i broke the other one
New jeans and a couple more shirts.

Was thinking of getting a psp but after playing gta liberty city stories ( which was bollocks) im not going to get one. :D
your chain broke, how fake :p Mine is in need a clean badly, ive wore it 3 years straight
Gregor said:
your chain broke, how fake :p Mine is in need a clean badly, ive wore it 3 years straight

Nah its worth about 70 quid. The bit where you hook it together somehow broke.. i never took mine of.. used it for football and everythink.
I ain't getting anything for Christmas, but wouldn't mind.

Extras DVD
Peter Kay "new" DVD
Peter Kay CD
New Boxers
New Gregor

***the "I WISH" list***

Xbox 360 (or my xbox back :( )
DVD Recorder
why arent you getting anything?
Because people from Marske can't afford presents.
I wouldn't mind a new PC but I really doubt it. I can see me getting some new clothes and maybe some money, just maybe.
hahhaaha joke count upto to 2 !!!

I want boro to get some ******* points this x-mas...and no **** songs to be released like feed the world...
I Just told them to surprise me :D

I would Like Sky back though..How i miss it
Couple of PSP games and maybe a ****** mp3 player
Why u need an MP3 player if you have a PSP? Just get a 1GB or 2GB memory stick. :thup:
Jack said:
And why would you want a ****** mp3? ;)
Not ****** just one of thise off eBay.No need for 9999999999999999999999999999999 songs:irked:

Sean,good thinking man get a memory stick instead of mp3:cool:
I want Chris Rea's new Album, Blue Guitars. It's only £29.99 from HMV so feel free to buy it for me :D
I want Pro Evo PSP
Lee Evans new DVD
Eagles Shirt
Inverness Away Top
Tony Hawk American Wasteland

What decent CDs are out atm?
Ian Brown - The Greatest :D

I might get the new Soccer AM DVD

and ergh Lee Evans, hes as funny as my left hand
His TV shows were **** but his stand-up is mint. I am a big fan of stand-up comedy.
clackerbag said:
What decent CDs are out atm?

Chris Rea - Blue Guitars
Katie Melua - Piece By Piece
Supertramp - Retrospectacle: The Anthology

But obviously it depends on what sort of music you like.
For christmas I'd like:

A new Rangers manager
Some new Rangers players
Barry Ferguson to go to anger management