Feb 7, 2012
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I have been working on creating a tactic that is similar to Real Madrid.

The end results are great ( I do not watch the games, so i can't comment on if it is perfect )
The idea was to have a balanced approach, but to be sharp on the counter and make it count. Score plenty of goals and break records. I believe the tactic has done this.

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I tested with Chelsea. I had signed a few players that are brilliant. ( Neymar / Badstuber / Lamela )
I think this tactic would work with top teams or middle teams with a few top players. ( IE. Newcastle )

I tested this tactic over 2 season's ( 3rd and 4th )
After seeing results in the 3rd season, I made a few changes for the 4th, and it made a huge difference.

The results for my 3rd season

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As you can see, I won a few competitions ( I know it isn't hard with Chelsea ) but some of the results were fantastic. There could have been many more goals but that wasn't the case.
I scored an incredible 102 goals in the premier league, and overall 156 I think it came to which is unbelievable. I had broken a few records ( IE, Most goals in 1 season, Highest average rating, Most wins in a row )

Now after making a few changes to it
The results for my 4th season
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I only lost 1 game out of 38, and I shouldn't have lost. I rested my team against Reading ( Weak team playing and when playing Wigan, I pressed space to fast and so didn't get to change team )
I scored 107 goals this season which is even better lol. I was concerned about the draws and they really shouldn't have happened. Some were mistakes / pens / crossing flaw which led to me getting 1 point.
Got knocked out of the CL which I was disappointed at.
I totally dominated the Club world Cup.

My team stats from last season
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Players needed!!
GK is standard. Your usual GK's

Left / Right defenders. Need to be good defensively, but can also become provided. They are standard full backs with the option of going forward when they think best.

CB's. Both are Central Defenders. No instructions were changed. Look for tackling / marking / composure / Concentration / Decisions;

Both MC's. They are both set to Defend. They have similar instructions. Both need to be able to defend and provide. Look for Work rate / teamwork / pass / creativity / decisions / tackling ect ect.

RAM. He is a winger. His job is to support attacks. Provide width. Beat a man. Through balls / crossing. However, he is allowed to roam around, and thus can go through the middle. I had Oscar playing there until he got injured, and he was fantastic.

CAM. He is your playmaker. 2nd season Lamela played there. He scored plenty of goals and also got assists. The usual playmaker attributes but also some attacking attributes are useful.

LAM. He is an Inside forward. Must be able to score and provide. He is your main man. He makes everything happen. He is free roaming, he wants to be part of the game, score and assist.

ST. An Advanced forward. Main goal scoring threat. The usual AF attributes needed, while also needing to assist.

Note. I changed the instructions on most players, so they work more as a team.
I cannot say this tactic will work for lower league teams / middle teams or even top teams. I based it on how Real Madrid set up, but with some changes. I have had fantastic results with it, and hope whoever uses it, you have the same success or even better. If anyone can make it even better and share it with me, that will be great :D

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Going to run a test.
Started a new game as Real Madrid / Lyon / Dortmund.

Going to holiday all 3 teams and see the results. Will report back when I get to January
Going to run a test.
Started a new game as Real Madrid / Lyon / Dortmund.

Going to holiday all 3 teams and see the results. Will report back when I get to January

Mate, Holiday test wont tell you anything at all. It does not work like that
Sorry, I did not realize. I haven't holidayed before. I shall play as all 3 teams