Sep 14, 2012
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What is the best instruction for a classic No.10? I have an obsession about the role because players like Maradona, Zico, Platini and Zidane are my favorites of all time. But I can't seem to find the right setting and the right player for the role.
Playing an AP or a TQ at AMC position seems hard to achieve in FM, just like in modern football, which the role is almost extinct.
Buy Thiago from barca, Isco, or kagawa set as AP and attack.....sit back and enjoy
Kagawa ripped the premier league for 3 seasons straight averaging 13-15 assits and double digit goals decided to start a new save as it got too easy, bought Thiago to arsenal give him one season and the next he will be a god. Isco is probably the best of all three and you will see immediate results.
I tried almost every name mentioned here. When they do get the touches, they perform well. But they don't most of the time. No matter what I do, use them as primary playmaker, use a DLP as the playmaker, or have no primary playmaker, they just don't get the ball.
The ball usually ends up with my wingers, who just would not pass. They run, run, run and shoot. I understand that the AMC can be neutralized by the opponent's DMC. But sometimes even against teams that play flat 442, my AMC still struggle to find the ball.
Also, how can I make them create more chances? They rarely make any runs or lots of key passes. I once had 13 key passes in a match from Sigurdsson, but that was sort of one glory night. He never had that kind of performance again. My AMCs normally make only 1-2 key passes per match. They were instructed to play through balls often, have killer balls PPM, but that doesn't seem to translate very well.