Jul 25, 2010
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I know the old managers here will know this one, I haven't till I stumbled upon him on my current save, and after searching the forum, I found one post about him in FM09, but he seems to have been forgotten.

Name: Clement Chantome
Club: PSG - France
D.O.B: 11/9/1987
Nationality: French
Position: Midfielder/Attacking Midfielder Center

Strengths: First Touch, Bravery, Work Rate and Stamina

Weaknesses: Finishing, Heading, Marking and Influence

Description: Tireless Midfielder
Personality: Fairly Determined

Suggested Role: Central Midfielder - Support
Secondary Role: Deeplying Playmaker - Support

P.S.: I recommend teaching him the PPM "Plays simple passing game"

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I have had this guy for a season now, signed him in the winter break of the first season, and now I'm at the winter break in the second season, he's a consistent performer, who'll labour in midfield for the team, can easily pick up the passer role in the famous trio of Destroyer - Passer - Creator in mid-field that some of us seem to favour, a sort of less defensive Gattuso if you'd like, always present were the ball is.

He's not an outstanding player in any one department, but a good all rounder who'll slot in easily in your midfield.
one **** of a midfielder
very all rounded aswell,
Yep, if you're into controlling the rhythm of the match, cornering your opponent, put this guy alongside a good playmaker, and you have the center of the park.
Ah, I remember Chantome. Looks decent enough.