Jun 1, 2011
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Has anybody used him and how does he turn out seems like a good young player
Did you got to know him because of Arsenal interest? xD Anyway sorry never use him before...
I snapped him up on an old save for £7m i think. He was a very tidy squad player and put in some great performances at AM. Didn't play far enough to see how well he turns out but he seemed worth the price and can easily step into most teams as a reliable squad player as a minimum.
I got Grenier for 19 million in my Athletico Madrid save (pretty expensive) and his value was only 9.75 million in first season. However, he got 21 assists and 9 goals in the first season. Second season, he got 36 assists and 12 goals. In the third season, he developed into a world class advanced playmaker and his value increased to 43 million, he got 48 assists in 50 games and 16 goals. A good buy if you ask me and he's still young.