Clince121188's Player Recommendation Thread

Club: Newcastle United
Season Expectations: CL
Budget: 7.5m
Player Position: Left-Back
Player Role/Similar Player: Full Back
Instant Impact or Future: Future, 15-20
Club: Southampton
Season Expectations: CL
Budget: 14m
Player Position: Striker
Player Role/Similar Player: Complete Forward, Zlatan Imbrahimovic
Instant Impact or Future: Instant Impact

I currently have Roque Santa Cruz(Always injured, Andy Carroll (man he sucks),
Denis Stracqualursi ( I need a slightly faster iteration of this guy basically)
Club: Nottingham forest
Season Expectations: Promotion
Player Position: Goalkeeper
Player Role/Similar Player: david de gea
Instant Impact or Future(also what age range): some who can fit in now but can still improve (agerange under 26)
Club: Manchester United
Season Expectations: Title winners
Budget: Money not an issue
Player Position: Striker
Player Role/Similar Player: RVP replacement
Instant Impact or Future: Instant Impact
Hey mate. tried to PM you but said your mailbox was full so posting here.

Here's my team. strinic got injured so iv put him in reserves for now. the rest of the team is here.

View attachment 340943View attachment 340944

Players joining in July on free transfers:
Raffidine Abdullah
Bruno martins Indi
Arevalo Rios
Diego fabbrini
David Ospina
Ruben Perez
Cristian sapunaru
Emmanuel Villa

Also, nuri sahin can be bought for 8.25 so i'll definitely be activating that!

What do you think?

What skin is this?
Hi, I need a playmaker with good mental skills and long shots.

Club: Manchester City
Season Expectations: Champions
Budget: current budget is 41,29 m/ 559k p/w*
Player Position: Playmaker (CAM)
Player Role/Similar Player: Riquelme, Lampard, Gerard
Instant Impact or Future(also what age range): Any age. The main point is him to be helpful right now

Riquelme won't leave Boca and Lampard will cost too much for a 34- year old (10+22 fee and 130 k salary accepted). I doubt a lot that Gerrard would agree to at least have neogations on a contract, and, moreover, he's more expensive than Lamps. I already have a promissing Praet but he's young and I need somebody desicive who will help me to get good results right now.

* I want to sign ronaldo and Baines so i'll need 60 more million of cash for that, so economy would fit me.
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