Clinical finisher + "Shoots with power"?


Apr 14, 2013
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So as the title says, is it possible that the PPM "Shoots with power" actually improves the finishing of your ultra-clinical forward?

The theory is this:
Since your forward (e.g. RVP) has a high finishing, technique and composure attribute, isn't it fair to say that his shooting would be fairly accurate anyway (regardless of whether he "Places shots")?

If so, an accurate shot with power seems like it has a higher chance to beat the keeper than a placed one.
Has anyone tried this? RVP is a great example of a forward with high finishing, technique and composure attributes that has the PPM "Shoots with power". Not too sure about a forward with similar stats and the PPM "Places shots". Aguero maybe?
Shoots with power seems effective when the player has good physical, composure, I think..
Look at M'Baye Niang.. I used him at his 20 age.. He has ppm of shots with power but when I use him, his finishing attribute is 13~14 however he was a really monster.
And highly recommend ppm : tries first time shots.. I found that shots with power + treis first time shots is the marvelous combination of ppm. After I make Leandro Damiao try first time shot, he scored more than 1 goals per games.
cheers !