Aug 21, 2009
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Currently in my liverpool season and this is how the table is looking


Has anyone else had anything closer!
and whats your closest title run ins?

obviously its only start of feb but found this amazing

If you cant see it:

Man utd, chelsea, liverpool and arsenal all have 55 points haha
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I can see it. The top 4 all have 55 points lol. In my Inter Save, Everton, United and Bolton were joined top at about the same time all with 57 points each. Ended up with Everton winning the league, United second and Bolton third.
Not at home, maybe different security settings, cookies, whatever. Anyway, such finish is pretty cool :D
dno why you cant see it :/

anyway it just made me laugh haha
i can see the pic looks very close table.

the closest i have had is Man Utd, Man City and Liverpool all on 78 points with one game left in the season. Liverpool went on to win the title cos man utd and city drawed the last game and liverpool won 1-0 against bolton
haha will be interesting come end of season! it changed already

utd - 61
arsenal - 59
liverpool - 58
Chelsea - 55
The best I saw was 2018-2019 season. I'd won the league with Newcastle 7 times, and denied City a title every single season (although they beat us in the FA Cup). I resigned, and Hugo Sanchez took over.

Going into the last game, City were 3 points clear and were at home to West Brom. Newcastle were away at Blackpool, who were fighting for their lives in a relegation scrap. Newcastle needed to win by three goals and hope City lost - all City had to do was draw. At home. To West Brom. Hardly a big ask, eh?

Well apparently it was, as City slid to a 1-0 home defeat after West Brom defended a one-goal lead for over an hour, and Newcastle scored three second-half goals to steal the title from under City's nose.

Perhaps not the closest run-in ever, but it made me laugh nonetheless <)
Was playing German save on FM2010 and I came third, 1 point behind winners Bayern Munchen, they had the better goal difference lol....

On a side note, on my current Millwall save, Half way through the season, Coventry were in the play off positions with 47 points. They finished the season on 47 and were near the bottom of the table. Strange that they didn't win a game after half way lol
I had a screenshot from my romanian team,Steaua.AT the half of the season(winter)the difference from 1st from 8th was 2 points.